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Loren Loving is a former litigation attorney and political activist – notably she defeated 5 opponents in her party’s primary race for the Ohio State Senate and also created new law in America when she recovered unprecedented pain and suffering damages for the wrongful death of an unborn child. Loren has been very active as both a board member and volunteer for many charitable organizations.

In addition to law school and graduate training in remedial reading specialization, Loren attended one of the best Bible universities in the United States for her undergraduate work and then for many years sat under the teaching of one of America’s finest, internationally known pastors. Despite years of biblical studies and years of church attendance, still Loren thought all Jesus offered her was an invitation to heaven. Personal tragedies finally drove her to find His healing voice. For over 25 years, including 8 years on the mission fields of Europe, Africa, India, and Israel, Loren has shared the vital message of the intimacy and power of God’s voice. Now she offers it to you.

Loren is the mother of 2 adult daughters, has 4 grandchildren, is currently a First Amendment, First Commandment, and Human Rights advocate, and is also an equine assisted healing counselor and advisor.

Faith-Based EAP

Presently, I provide counseling to charities that rescue children from the horrific human trafficking industry. I also provide ministerial counseling to Christian equestrian charities so that they can use EAP in the healing of these children’s hearts.

In secular circles, EAP is well known as Equine Assisted Psychotherapy. However, because psychotherapy cannot heal the heart, the faith-based community calls this counseling program Equine Assisted Philosophy. I call it equine assisted healing.

I have been in healing prayer ministry for over 25 years and I have never seen anything as powerful as the use of horses to reveal what is hiding in the heart that caused so much confusion and heartache in life. Because there is so little time talking and so much time pondering and working to complete the assigned ground exercise with the horse, there is much time for the Lord’s Spirit to reveal the hidden lies the individual has been believing and living. Only the One that created the heart, can heal the heart. So when those lies are revealed, and the Lord speaks His words of truth and love to the broken individual, the lies are shattered and true healing and transformation can take place. Only the truth can set us free, and if the Son sets us free we are free indeed!