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When Jesus Answers by Loren Loving

When Jesus Answers, now available nationwide

When Jesus answers, we have hope. In a world filled with anger, and hearts bound by despair, our hope is found as we listen to the intimate, healing voice of God. His voice alone is the essential secret to peace and contentment, to freedom from all fears.

When Jesus Answers will open your heart to hear God speak His words of truth and love, enabling you to truly live the life you were created to live—within the intimate embrace of His presence. With an engaging collection of personal testimony, Biblical scripture, allegory and powerful songs of hope, Loren Loving clears the path back to our faithful and most gracious Heavenly Father.

We all need the great news of a Messiah who heals our brokenness and sets us free from our bondage. In Him alone we find healing, transformation, and the refuge of eternal peace and love.

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“Loren Loving’s book has taken many years of tears, struggle and personal vulnerability to write. They say if you want to be a writer just open up a vein and bleed on the page. Loren has done that for you. She has poured out her heart’s passion, along with Christ’s, to help you find the healing and love you crave. Loren’s book is not just a book about healing, it is a book that heals and empowers. It will transform you.”

Ken R. Unger, author of Peace Without Prozac

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